Only Yahawah Elohei Yisra'el Can
STOP! Islamization of America

Hebrew Consonants
יהוה אלהי ישראל

Transliteration Without Vowels
yhwh lhy ysrl

Transliteration With Vowels
yahawah elohei yisarael
Yahawah Elohei Yisarael

He Is God of Israel
He Is Mighty One of Israel

Yahawah Elohei Yisra’el
STOP! Islamization of America

He Is the God of Israel
STOP! Islamization of America

He Is the Mighty One of Israel
STOP! Islamization of America

STOP! Subservsive Submission / Surrender of America To An Alien Ideology

The "Ancient" (2000 BCE) Hebrew Language Jewish/Christian God

The "Modern" (600 CE) Arabic Language Muslim God

In the global spiritual battle involving politics and religion, Numbers 6:22-27 encourages us to call on the Exodus 3:15 3rd person singular name of the ONLY creator God whose ancient Hebrew name is Yahawah (יהוה), which means "He Is". Numbers 6 does not refer to just any God, e.g., Allah, Krisna, or any god, any spirits of the unseen realm.

The name of Yahawah, his esteem, fame, reputation, is the best exodus style response in the 21st century against the religious and political tyranny associated with the name of Allah, his esteem, fame, reputation, and two "war" phrases: 1) the spiritual war phrase "Allahu Akbar - the god is greater" (u = is), and 2) the political war phrase "Islam will conquer the world" ... eventually... and then ... peace at last ... "peace", that is, without opposition ... and THEN the world will be ready for the return of the Mahdi, the Muslim enlightened one, the Muslim savior, who will come to stop the global chaos caused by the "freedom jihad" ("freedom struggle") against "submission" to Islam (which means "submit"), and THEN the end of the end will come at last. Ahh, peace, at last.

Yahawah is the ancient Hebrew name of the God who instructed and protected Moses and the children of Israel as they made their exodus from Egypt and the state tyranny of slavery that existed from the day of exit from the womb to the tomb. Yahawah means He Is, not LORD or Lord, the English translation of the Hebrew Adonay, (adonay means master or lord), or Ha-Shem (the-name).

HE IS : יהוה : yhwh : y h w h : ya ha wa h : Yahawah

In English bibles the ancient Hebrew name of God with the four Hebrew consonants י ה ו ה (yod heh waw heh) is transliterated y h w h without vowels and ya ha wa h with only the a(ah) vowel, and written Yahawah. He Is (3rd person singular) is the translation of יהוה (not LORD or Lord). Yahawah is the Exodus 3:15 ancient Hebrew name of the ONLY creator God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To pronounce יהוה say ya ha wa h. The last h is pronounced like the last h in yeah or uh or huh.

HE IS : יה : yh : y h : Yah

In English bibles the ancient Hebrew name of God also has a two consonant short form, יה (see the Hebrew in Exodus 15:2 and 17:16), transliterated yh (yod heh) without vowels and yah with the a(ah) vowel.

HE IS SAVIOR : יהושע : yhwsh : y h w sh : Yahawasha

In English bibles the ancient Hebrew name of the son of God, יהושע : yhwsh : Yahawasha, which means He Is Savior (3rd person singular), is translated Joshua and Jesus instead of He Is Savior. Yahawasha is the transliteration of yhwsh and He Is Savior is the translation. The five Hebrew consonants, י ה ו ש ע (y h w sh : yod heh waw shin ayin), are transliterated y h w sh without vowels and ya ha wa sha with only the a(ah) vowel. To pronounce יהושע say "ya ha wa sha ". The last consonant transliterated with the inverted apostrophe () is pronounced with the back of the throat short gutteral sound "ah". Some prefer to spell the transliterated name with various vowels such as Yahweh or Yahshua or Yashua or Yasha or Yeshua or Yeshuah, Jehovah, etc.

Yahawah (יהוה : yahawah) Father
Yahwsasha (יהושע : yahawasha) Son

In reading Hebrew language bibles, orthodox Jewish readers and some Christians do not say the name of God and instead they replace יהוה : Yahawah with Adonai (lord, master) or Hashem (the name). The foot note for Exodus 3:15 for “LORD” in the 2000 JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH published by the Jewish Publication Society says, “The name yhwh (traditionally read Adonai “the LORD”) is here associated with the root hayah ‘to be’.” yhwh is the transliteration of יהוה, the tetragrammaton, which means "four letters" (tetra = 4, grammaton = letters – yod heh waw heh).

Christians revere Yahawasha as thefulfillment of the ONLY Genesis 3:15 ("one of a kind") seed sent by his Father Yahawah, the ONLY creator God of Abraham (Sarah), Isaac (Rebekah), Jacob (Leah), Judah (Tamar), Boaz (Ruth), David (Bathsheba), Solomon, Rehoboam, etc., ... all the way to (Joseph) Mariam (Matthew 1, Luke 3). With only a(ah) vowels, Yahawasha is the transliteration of יהושע : yhwsha‘, not Joshua. The yod (י) is transliterated with the letter "y", not "j". The Hebrew name Yahawasha is translated in the Greek Septuagint (LXX) as Ιεσους. The Greek letter iota/ ι /i has the same sound as the Hebrew yod/ י /y. The English transliteration is Iesous, and the English translation is Joshua and Jesus (see the Greek in Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8).

Christians acknowledge that Muslims may believe that Muhammad is a Prophet of a sixth century god named Allah (allah which means god), but Christians believe that Allah is definitely not Yahawah, the ONLY creator God who called Abram out of Ur and renamed him Abraham; who spoke with Moses at the burning bush on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 3:14 to 4:17); who told Moses that his Exodus 3:15 3rd person singular name that was to be spoken from generation to generation was יהוה : Yahawasha, He Is; who two times spoke to Solomon (1 Kings 11:3, 4, 9) before his wives [700 foreign wives,300 concubines] seduced him to follow other gods”.

When Moses asked what he should tell the people if they asked him what the name of the God was who sent him to the people of Israel in Egypt, the “voice” who spoke audibly to him at the burning bush on Mt. Sinai as recorded in Exodus 3:14 referred to himself with a 1st person singular three word phrase that is not a personal name: ahayah asher ahayah (אהיה אשר אהוה : hyh shr hyh), which translated means that the creator God is I Am Who [Is Who] I Am (or I Exist or I Will Be), and in verse 3:15 he clarified that his 3rd person singular “memorial” name is Yahawah (יהוה : yhwh), which translated means He Is or He Exists or He Will Be. Moses concludes with Yahawah, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.” In Exodus 3:16 Moses repeated the He Is memorial” name of the creator God and his relationship to Moses and the sons of Jacob: Yahawah (יהוה : yhwh) was the God (elohim : mighty one) of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

After the death of Moses, in preparation for crossing the Jordan river to enter the land promised to Abraham, Joshua said that the Ark is “… the ark of the covenant of the Lord [אדוֹן / adon / master] of all the earth...,” and is “… the ark of Yahawah [יהוה : yhwh : He Is] the Lord [אדוֹן / adon / master] of all the earth(Joshua 3:11, 13)”. What Joshua said in the two verses about the ark of the covenant of Yahawah, He [who] Is the master of all the earth, while not a prophecy about the future promised messiah (the "anointed one"), Joshua's "ark" and "master" references help us to see in a new light the words of Yahwsasha in Luke 22:20 "the new covenant in my blood". Yahawah is the master of all the earth” who sent his personal ark of Yahawah, his personal ark of the [new] covenant, his "one of a kind" conceived in the womb and born human son, Yahawasha (who called himself "son of man"), to be the LAST Jewish prophet descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yahawasha was the prophetic "anointed one" who alone could proclaim in John 19:30 the LAST salvific word about the once for all time fulfillment of the "Day of Atonement" sprinkling of the "union" blood on the mercy seat of the cross, the day of "union" – "blood union", the once for all time blood union of creator and creation: the "union" is "tetelestai""it is finished""Emmanuel, God with us".

Not being a material thing visible to the eye, the union, the "new covenant in my blood" that Yahawasha spoke about has visible elements: the union was 1) finished on the cross at the instant of the last breath, 2) sealed by death, 3) confirmed by burial, 4) substantiated for three days, 5) revealed by resurrection, 6) affirmed by ascention to the "right hand" of his father Yahawah, and at last will be 7) proclaiemd at and by his return to receive us to himself so that where he is we will be also (John 14: 1-6). Until Yahawasha returns to "receive us", believers are not in heaven with Yahawasha after death although we all, from Adam to the last baby born before the "twinkling of an eye"change from mortal to immortal, even now, while alive, all of humanity is with Yahawasha in the new covenant blood union of creator and creation that was sealed by his physical death.

The words of Yahawasha in John 14:3 clarify what he said in Luke 23:43 on the cross to the thief, "I say to you today, you will be with me in paradise". The comma should be after the word "today", not after "you", in correspondence with what Yahawasha said in John 14:2, 3, "... I go to prepare a place for you and ... I will come again and receive us to myself so that where I am you will be also". Until Yahawasha returns to "receive" us at the resurrection, our souls/spirits do not "go" to him in heaven and he does not "receive" us at death. That means that at death, those of only Adam's "human" race who reject the union "good message", the "the new covenant in my blood" union, go only to the grave and do not "go" somewhere else to suffer mental agony, either temporary torture or for eternity. They will simply "experience" the sleep of death until the resurrection of the just and unjust, the "just/righteous" who accept, by faith, the righteousness of Yahawasha as their own, and those who reject his father's gracious offer of "righteousness by faith" (John 11:23-26; Romans 3:22-26).

1) Finished at last breath
2) Sealed by death
3) Confirmed by burial
4) Substantiated three days
5) Revealed by resurrection
6) Affirmed by ascension
7) Proclaiemd by return

Any person who claims to be a prophet of ANY god with ANY name other than Yahawah, they deny the sovereignty of Yahawah, the ONLY covenant God, the ONLY creator God, the ONLY master of all the earth,” who identified himself by audible voice at the burning bush to Moses as the ONLY God (elohim: mighty one) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). In Christian teaching, the belief that ONLY Yahawashais the ONLY LAST prophet of Yahawah, means that Muhammad, who lived 650 years after Yahawasha ascended to the right hand of his Father, is not a prophet of Yahawah and so is not the LAST Jewish prophet of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

Yahawasha being the last prophet of God is a point of view that is not allowed to be expressed in public or in writing in Muslim countries living under the sharia which requires submission to only one "how to be holy" book, the Qur'an, and also the hadith. To assert in writing or in public speeches or private conversations with fundamentalist Muslims that Muhammad is NOT “a” prophet of the Jewish God whose ancient Hebrew name is Yahawah is not allowed in Muslim countries and is mischaracterized by fundamentalist Muslims as slandering Allah, Muhammad and all Muslims who believe that their religion is supreme and should eliminate all other religions on earth either by peaceful conversion or by "submit or die" rhetoric followed by action. By mischaracterizing non-Muslims the Muslim supremacists try to promote Islam (submission / surrender) in a way that slanders everybody who is not a Muslim (submitter / surrenderer). How do they slander? When they threaten to cut off the speech of people or else they will cut off heads of people who are free and want to stay free to not submit to submitting to living under the shariah of the Qur'an, the "how to be holy" book recited word-for-word by Allah to Jibril (Gabriel), who recited word-for-word to Muhammad, who recited word-for-word to his band of brothers in the 7th century CE.

If you don’t know what it means to slander Muhammad, according to the Islamic definition of slander, which means anything contrary to their definition of slander, simply go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and try proclaiming that Yahhawasha is the ONLY LAST Jewish prophet of Yahawah, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the ONLY way to a friendly relationship with the ONLY creator God. If, while you are in Mecca, Saudi Arabia or any Muslim country, you proclaim that Yahawasha is THE unique, "one of a kind", seed and born son and THE LAST Jewish prophet of Yahawah and that Muhammad is NOT the LAST prophet of Yahawah God, well, just don’t do that. Also, don’t take your favorite "how to be holy" book to ANY Muslim country where the Qur’an, the Muslim "how to be holy" book, and sharia, the "how to be holy code of conduct", determines good conduct, because your "how to be holy" book will be confiscated at customs and trashed, and the customs personnel will not express remorse when they desecrate your "how to be holy" book, whether Christian or Jewish or even Buddhist, which does not acknowledge a supreme creator. Don’t travel to Saudi Arabia or Indonesia or any Muslim country where shariah is supreme and proclaim that ONLY Yahawasha, with the status of ONLY his unique body, ONLY his unique DNA, ONLY his unique blood, ONLY his unique "one of a kind " and "ONLY begotten [only conceived seed] son" , is the ONLY Way to indissoluble union with the ONLY creator God, Yahawah. Save time and money and become informed about the Muslim political and religious threat to liberty, conscience, and free thinking. Stay informed about the current events concerning Islam and the jihadist "Islam [submission / surrender] will conquer the world" mindset and the effort to make the entire world their global ummah, their global commune, their own hybrid verision of national socialism (nazism) and international socialism (communism) under law, the "law" of shariah that cannot be denied and improved by ammendment because it came directily from their chosen god Allah.

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The Name of the Father
(יהוה) yhwh
(יהו-ה) yhw-h : yahawa-h
He Exist : He Is : He Will Be
3rd person singular
The Name of the Son
(יהושע) yhwsh
(יהו-שע) yhw-sha : yahawa-sha
He Exists to Save : He Is Savior : He Will Be Savior
3rd person singular

What did Yahawasha mean when he said:

(a) I have made your name known to them (the disciples) (John 17:26).
(b) I have come in my Father's name (John 5:43).
(c) He who has seen me has seen the Father (John 14:9).
(d) I and the Father are one (John 10:30).
(e) I say to you, before Abraham came into existence I Am (John 8:58).

The similar sounding names of father and son, Yahawah and Yahawasha, are a starting point for understanding the significance of the name (esteem, fame, reputation) of Yahawah who told Moses in Exodus 3:15 that Yahawah (יהוה : yhwh) was his name, and also that he expected his name to be hallowed and honored as his "memorial" name from generation to generation, citizen to citizen, pulpit to pew, parent to child, sibling to sibling, friend to friend. To speak in "the name" of Yahawah has different meanings depending on the context in which the phrase is used. First (b), it can mean to speak as the "representative" of Yahawah as his son Yahawasha did in John 5:43. Second (c), it can mean to speak with the plenipotentiary"authority" of Yahawah as his Son Yahawasha did when he said "...I say to you". Third (a), it can mean to speak about the "esteem, fame, glory, honor, reputation" of Yahawah and his past covenant activity. This is what Gabriel did when he told Mariam that her son would be named Ιησους / Iesous who would "save his people from their sins". Gabriel was speaking about a future event by the new covenant Ιησους / Iesous that would be similar to a previous event when the old covenant Ιησους / Iesous led Israel into the promised land after Mosed died. Joshua and Jesus are the English names that translate the Hebrew name יהושע / yhwsh / Yahawasha, and the LXX Greek name Ιησους / Iesous. See the Easton Bible Dictionary:

"Joshua...The son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, the successor of Moses as the leader of Israel. He is called Jehoshua in Num. 13:16 (A.V.), and Jesus in Acts 7:45 and Heb. 4:8 (R.V., Joshua)."

However, a "memorial" name has ONLY one meaning that determines what it means to "come in the name of Yahawah". When the "name" of Yahawah is known by people of other nations that means that they not only know the actual "name" – Yahawah (יהוה : yhwh), but they know the "reputation" of Yahawah and what he has done in the past. The "reputation" of a "god" is associated with the actual "name" of a god (as with humans), not simply that "a" god some where did some thing some when that set the children of Israel free from bondage in Egypt. Who cares what a nameless "god" (as with nameless humans) did for anybody in the past? Any nameless poseur “god” could claim to be any nameless “god” and claim the esteem, fame, and reputation of the true and ONLY creator God, Yahawah.

What was the name of the "god" that caused visitors from "a very distant country" to visit with Joshua, the "savior" who led Israel into the "promised land" after Moses died? When the God of Israel destroyed Egypt at the exodus, not only his personal name but his personal fame and reputation became known far from Egypt. In Joshua 9 Joshua makes an agreement with the Gibeonites, inhabitants of the land of Canaan who "resorted to cunning" and "disguise" to save their lives by misrepresenting themselves as being from a "distant country" far from the land of Canaan and far from Israel, who said that they had heard of the"fame of Yahawah", the God of Israel.

Joshua 9:3, 4, 6, 8-10 (JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh)

3 But when the inhabitants of Gibeon learned how Joshua had treated Jericho and Ai,
4 they for their part resorted to cunning. They set out in disguise:
6 And so they went to Joshua in the camp at Gilgal and said to him and to the men of Israel, "We come from a distant land; we propose that you make a pact with us."
8 They said to Joshua, "We will be your subjects."
But Joshua asked them, "Who are you and where do you come from?"
9 They replied, "Your servants have come from a very distant country, because of the fame of the LORD your God. For we heard the report of Him: of all that He did in Egypt,
10 and of all that He did to the two Amorite kings on the other side of the Jordan, ....

The word "LORD" in verse 9 is the usual translation of Adonai, which means"master", but the Hebrew word in verse 9 is the 3rd person singular personal name Yahawah (יהוה : yhwh) which means "He Is". Instead of LORD (adonai), the translation should be Yahawah, which means He Exists or He Is or He Will Be. The visitors from fake "a very distant country" would not call a foreign god their LORD, their adonai, their master. However, in their response to Joshua, the Gibeonite schemers would certainly call the God of Moses and Joshua by his actual name associated with his actual activity in Egypt and across the Jordan: "Your servants have come from a very distant country ... because of the fame of Yahawah [He [who] Is] your god".

Notice the reply: The Gibeonites wanted a pact with Joshua "...because of the fame of Yahawah your God." The word "fame" is associated with the literal name of the God who demolished Egypt. See that? The personal name of Yahawah and his awesome action caused his fame, esteem and glory to ripple out to other people. In Exodus 6:3 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob didn't get to experience what Yahawah would do centuries in the future in Egypt. They knew his personal name, Yahawah, but not his fame and glory that would be associated with and attached to his name after the Israelites exited from Egypt. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not have the exodus experience that Moses, Joshua and the children of Israel would experience 400 years later, but the three patriarchs knew his Exodus 3:15 third person singular personal name – Yahawah.

A "fame" name is different from a "memorial" name, and a "fame" name is only relevant when attached to a literal personal "memorial" name by which a person is to be remembered. A "memorial" name is to be remembered by being spoken on a regular basis and taught by parents to their children as Yahawah intended his name to be remembered and spoken. To not speak the name of Yahawah and replace it with LORD, Adonay, Hashem, is to take Yahawah's "memorial" name lightly, not with the generation to generation "memorial" seriousness that Yahawah intended and expects.

Numbers 6:22-27 – יהוה
22 יהוה spoke to Moses, saying,
23 Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, This is how you bless the children of Israel. Say to them:
24 יהוה bless you and protect you;
25 יהוה make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you;
26 יהוה lift up his face to you, and give you peace.
27 Thus they will put my name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.

Numbers 6:22-27 – Yahawah
22 Yahawah spoke to Moses:
23 Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, This is how you bless the children of Israel. Say to them:
24 Yahawah bless you and protect you.
25 Yahawah make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you;
26 Yahawah lift up his face to you, and give you peace.
27 Thus they will link my name with the children of Israel, and I will bless them.

Numbers 6:22-27 – Amplified
22 Yahawah said to Moses:
23 Say this to Aaron and his sons, This is how you are to bless the the children of Israel. Say to them:
24 Yahawah will bless you with his presence and protect you.
25 Yahawah will make his face shine on you with a bright smile and be gracious to forgive and encourage you.
26 Yahawah will lift his face to look at you with affection and this will give you peace.
27 This way they will put/link/unite my name with the children of Israel and I will be present to bless them.

27 This way they
[Aaron, his sons and those who follow through the years in blessing the people]
[associate, attach, connect, link, pronounce, put, say, unite]
unite my name with the sons of Israel
[and all the citizens of the nations – parents and children]
and I will
[be present to]
bless them

This way they will
associate my name with
attach my name to
connect my name with
link my name with
pronounce my name on
put my name on
say my name to
unite my name with

Exodus 20:1-3, 18-22, 24
1 God spoke all these words, saying,
2 “I am יהוה Yahawah your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
3 “You shall have no other gods before me.
4-17 ...
18 All the people perceived the thunderings, the lightnings, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking. When the people saw it, they trembled, and stayed at a distance.
19 They said to Moses, “Speak with us yourself, and we will listen; but don’t let God speak with us, lest we die.”
20 Moses said to the people, “Don’t be afraid, for God has come to test you, and that his fear may be before you, that you won’t sin.”
21 The people stayed at a distance, and Moses came near to the thick darkness where God was.
22 יהוה Yahawah said to Moses, “This is what you shall tell the children of Israel: ‘You yourselves have seen that I have talked with you from heaven.
23 ...
24 ... . In every place where I bring to memory my name I will come to you and I will bless you.
25 ...
26 ...

Exodus 20:24 Amplified
In every place
where I record my name
where I bring to memory my name
where I cause my name to be remembered
where I cause my name to be mentioned
I will come to be present with you and I will bless you

Numbers 6:27 Amplified
This way
they will unite my name
with the children of Israel and
I will be present to bless them

Moses anticipated that the Israelites would ask him what the name of the God of their "fathers" was to prove that he was telling them the truth so Yahawah told Moses what to say. About one year after the exodus from Egypt the actual writer of Numbers, the secretary/writer/scribe of Moses, was probably told by Moses to write down what the exodus God of Israel said to Moses about how to bless the sons (children, people, citizens) of Israel. The secretary probably was not present to hear Yahawah speak with Moses about how the people were to be blessed generation to generation, pulpit to pew, parents to children by using his Exodus 3:15 memorial name, Yahawah, which, because they new the language, they knew that in saying "Yahawah" (יהוה / yhwh) he was saying, depending on the context of the sentence, "He Exists" or "He Is" or "He Will Be", similar to the Greek language speakers who "know" that the Greek word translated as "megan" means "great". Yahawah will bless whoever calls on his memorial name, YahawahHe Is – with the same respect, dignity and honor as Moses and the Israelites were instructed to do in Exodus 3:14-16.

As Yahawah was a "guiding light" for the children of Israel about 3500 years ago in their exit from Egypt to the promised land, so also Yahawah will be a 21st century guiding pillar of cloud by day and a spectacular pillar of fire by night as he guides America out of the nascent darkness of the 21st century iteration of the ancient pharaoh mindset of total control of people from womb to tomb, whether it is submission to "equality" in atheist Marx's globalist, collectivist "commune" under the authority of the atheist state elite or submission to "equality" in theist Muhammad's globalist, collectivist "ummah" (which means community), under the authority of the theist sharia elite.

Consider the two ideologies, Muhammad and Muslimism and Marx and Marxism – the "collectivism" of the Muslim "ummah" and the "collectivism" of the Marxist "commune". Muslim fundamentalists demand that non-Muslims "submit or die". This is the 21st century iteration of the ancient “pharaoh” mindset of total state control: we are the state – we are supreme – we know what’s good for you from the womb to the tomb”. Supremacist ideology is spiritual (intellect/idea) and soulful (emotion/submit), even if it appears to be fundamentally atheistic and political as in the marxist/statist "globalist" "commune" that supremacist political movements promote, or theistic and political as the supremacist "globalist" "ummah" that fundamentalist Muslim jihadists promote. To "submit or die" (Muslimism) or to submit or be dehumanized (Marxism) is definitely supremacist, whether atheistic and political or theistic and political.

First is Muslimism, the intellectually shallow theistic / supremacist and political / religious tyranny of Muhammad that promotes the idea of the "submissive man and woman" who will rise with the establishment of the new world order of the global ummah (global international "commune") and the neo-nazism of Islam and it’s law code shariah based on the Qur'an, the Muslim how to be holy book, and its language that cannot be amended. In other words, Allah said it, Muhammad believed it, that settles it, "submit...or die". That’s absolute “peace” rhetoric, and a great idea that cannot be refuted. Yes, it is, and it means peace...without opposition, so, submit...without opposition… or die.

Second is Marxism, the intellectually shallow and atheistic / supremacist political tyranny of Karl Marx and et. al., and the social justice of the global "new man and woman" that will rise with the globalist new world order that will come about with the acceptance of commune collectivism that diminishes the primacy of the foundation of community, individualism, and the unique and original individuals of the open and free community.

Both supremacist 21st century “pharaohs”, Muslimism and Marxism, are fighting for control of the world "ummah", the world "commune". So, make a wild guess about which globalist “pharaoh” mindset will result in cutting the throat of the “other” in the global jihad that will usher in the "new world order" under Allah and sharia before the end of the world as Muslims have been promoting for 1500 years, since the 600s C.E., or the globalist "new world order" when possession and accumulation of private property is voted illegal in the marxist utopia as Marxists have been progressively promoting since the 1860s?

Will the 21st century pharaoh be the theist-political-globalist commune fanatics of Muslimism?
Will the 21st century pharaoh be the atheist-political-globalist commune fanatics of Marxism?

Let us with respect unite ourselves with the ancient Hebrew name, the fame name and memorial name, of Yahawah, the ONLY creator God of acknowledged by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, because, as Yahawasha his son said, Yahawah is his and our abba, our papa. If we unite ourselves with the famous memorial name of Yahawah and his only "one of a kind" conceived and born son Yahawasha, they, father and son, Yahawah – "He Is" and Yahawasha"He Is Savior", will lift us up while America is led out of our 21st century nascent "egypt" of religious and political slavery. Not only will Yahawah and his son Yahawasha lift us up today, individually, generation to generationthey will lift us up tomorrow, collectively – at the resurrection which will occur at the return of Yahawasha who said that he will return to earth to receive us to himself so that where he is we will be also (John 14:3). That means that until Yahawasha returns, believers who die do not "go" to him in "spirit and soul" at death so they are not "with" him while dead, but they will be "with" him at the resurrection back to life "from" death.

Today Yahawah can set America free from the intellectually shallow pharaoh ideologies of atheistic-supremacist-political marxism with their idealistic global “commune” collectivism, and theistic-supremacist-political islamism and the Muslim idealistic global ummah, the “global collectivist commune” of Islam under the shariah. Tomorrow at the resurrection Yahawah will free us from death because he is our abba, our papa. By the power and authority vested in his son Yahawasha some of us will be lifted up from death to life at the resurrection when the trumpet will sound and the "all rise" will be announced, and all of humanity, dead and living, will rise to stand in the presence of the ONLY judge in the ONLY court that has jurisdiction; the court of the ONLY creator – He Is – Yahawah, and his ONLY "one of a kind" conceived and born son – He Is Savior – Yahawasha.

People who are alive will rise at the celestial bailiff's call of "all rise":

"People...alive...rise" includes every being in the celestial court room: the faithful "justified" humans, the rebellious "unjustified" humans, the faithful loyal spirits and the fallen rebellious spirits of the unseen realm. The "justustified" humans will be changed from mortal to immortal in the blink of an eye to live forever because they are believers to the end of their lives in the sovereign authority of Yahawasha, the "ONLY begotten [unique, "one of a kind" conceived born] Son" of the "Most High" Yahawah. The "unjustified" humans will not be changed because they are rebellious to the end of life. The fallen rebellious spirits of the unseed realm are in a separate category, including "the satan" ("hasatan" means "the adversry" – it is not a personal name of one of the angels banished from the presence of Yahawah) whom Yahawasha called “the devil” (accuser) and a “liar from the beginning”, who is the evil spirit puppet master of the puppet gods of the unseen realm of human history with many names and titles, one is “legion” because, after Yahawasha demanded that a spirit reveal its name, the spirit didn't give a name but instead said "we" ..."legion" ... "we are many".

People who are dead will rise at the celestial bailiff's call of "all rise":

"People...deadrise" includes every being who will come from the grave into the celestial court room: the "justified" humans and the "unjustified" humans. Those who "believe" are "born" only two times and die only one time, while those who do not "believe" are born only one time and die only two times. Born once die twice, born twice die once. The "justified" humans will rise from death to live forever with Yahawasha when he returns to receive us to himself (John 14:3). The "unjustified" humans will rise from death to stand at the bar of justice and be sentenced to their only one final judgment of eternal punishment – only one eternal death – only one eternal nothingness – only one eternal non-being as they were before they came into existence at the union of male sperm/seed and female ovum/egg (conception, fertilization) – only one second death "into the age" – forever.

"People...deadrise" ncludes all who believe in the "name – authority – fame – reputation" of the son of Yahawah, Yahawasha, who, as teacher and healer, manifested himself to the local community where he was born, lived, and ministered, and, significant for all of humanity from Adam to the last child born before the resurrection "all rise" call by the celestial bailiff, Yahawasha is the "ONLY begotten [unique, conceived "one of a kind" born] son", the ONLYuniter” of the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place by removing the "veil" of partition. In other words, Yahawasha is the “uniter” of earth and heaven by his unique, one of a kind, SEED – BLOOD – DNA, who spoke with plenipotentiary "authority" as the "ONLY begotten [one of a kind and born] son”, the representative of the "Most High", his Father, Yahawah.

"People...deadrise" includes all who identify themselves as unbelievers, contrary to Yahawah's sovereign command to believe in the "name" of his son Yahawashai.

See 1 John 2:22,23 and 3:21-24 (especially v. 23 NASB) about who is a "justified" believer and what it means to be an "unjustified" unbeliever and deny the Father and the Son. The unbeliever (the Arabic word is kafir) is a person who rejects, who chooses to not believe in Yahawah as the ONLY creator God and who does not accept the plenipotentiary authority, power, and teachings of his son Yahawasha, the greatest and last Jewish prophet of Yahawah, the God acknowledged by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

1 John 2:22,23
22 Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ?
This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.
23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father;
the one who confesses the Son has the Father also.

1 John 3:21-24
21 Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God;
22 and whatever we ask we receive from Him,
because we keep his commandments and
do the things that are pleasing in his sight.
23 And this is His commandment,
that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ,
and love one another, just as He commanded us.
24 And the one who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him.
And we know by this that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.

The "unjustified" will be as eternal non-being” as they were from eternity past until they came into existence the nano-second that the male "Y" sex chromosome sperm of their father and the female "X" sex chromosome egg of their mother united at conception (fertilization).

The union of male "life" with female "life" did not "create" "new life".

The "union" brought into existence a new entity, not a "new life".

"Life" is eternal.

"Life" does not come into existence and "life" does not go out of existence.

"Life" does not have a beginning and "life" does not have an end.

The secret of "life" will never be discovered because "life" does not have DNA "stuff" with "information".

"Stuff" = physical, material.
"Information" = that which is not visible and, even though it "exists" in the DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff", it, "information", is not "stuff".

Without "life" there would be no physical cell membrane "stuff" and no physical DNA "stuff".

Only the cell "stuff" inside the cell membrane has inside of it the physical, material "stuff" called DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff".

DNA nucleotide "stuff" within the cell "stuff" are not the source of "life".

"Life" is the source of physical cell "stuff" and physical DNA "stuff".

"Life" is ALSO the source of what is NOT physical "stuff", the "information" in the DNA nucleotode "stuff".

The "information" in DNA is NOT "stuff" and yet it exists inside of the DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff"..

This existence of "information" which is NOT physical, material "stuff" yet it exists inside of DNA ACTG nucleotide "stuff" indicates two things: 1) "life" is the source of the physical cell "stuff" which contains physical DNA "stuff", and 2) "life" is also the source of that which is NOT physical cell "stuff"or physical DNA"stuff", "information".

In other words, "life" is eternal, without beginning and without end.

Without "life" there would be no physical, material DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff" where "information" resides.

DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff" is not the source of not physical, not material, not visible "information".

That which begins at conception, "stuff" and "information", and ends at the last breath is our physical "existence" and physical "experience" of eternal life.

We "experience" "eternal life" one breath at a time, from conception (mother's oxygen) to our last breath before death. There is no breath "after" death, but there is breath "at" and "after" resurrection back to life from death.

After death there is no breath.
After death there is no life.

There is no breath after death.
There is no life after death.

First Breath

From Adam, Eve, Abel and Seth
To the last Saint to sleep in death

We will inhale our first resurrection after death breath together
And sing the resurrection song of the redeemed forever

Maranatha ... Amen!

Here is a definition of "kafir" and "takfir" from, an accurate definition of these Arabic words for people who are not Muslims scholars:

"Kafir (plural kuffar, feminine kafirah) is an Arabic term (from the root K-F-R "to cover") meaning "unbeliever", or "disbeliever". The term alludes to a person who rejects or disbelieves in God and the teachings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and denies the dominion and authority of God, or otherwise does not heed the beliefs and prescriptions held by the religion of Islam. It is used as a derogatory term. Unbelief is called kufr. Kafir is sometimes used interchangeably with mushrik (those who commit polytheism), another type of religious wrongdoer mentioned frequently in the Quran and Islamic works. The practice of declaring another self-professed Muslim a kafir is known as takfir."

"People...deadrise" applies to all unbelievers, including Muhammad, who, because he claimed to receive visions and messages directly from what he originally thought was a demonic spirit and whom he eventually said was the angel Jibril (Gabriel), he believed that Allah was his God and the Qur'an was Allah's spoken word. And, specifically relevant, Muslims believe that Allah their God can not have children. Because Muslims believe that Allah does not have children because he cannot have children, they conclude that to deny that Yahawasha is NOT the son of God is not a lie of antichrist as John the disciple of Yahawasha said in 1 John 2:22.

So, it seems that we have an issue here between Christian John vs. Muslim Muhammad.

Christians believe as John believed and wrote: Yahawah, the only creator God acknowledged by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob could and did have ONLY one "ONLY begotten [a unique, conceived "one of a kind" born] son", the unique one of a kind seed son – Yahawasha, and Muslims believe as Muhammad believed and taught: Allah, whom Muslims believe is THE God, can NOT have "seed" and children.

Hmm... it seems that both John and Muhammad are correct.

First, John's God, the God acknowledged by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Boaz, David, Solomon (Matthew 1) CAN have an "only begotten [a unique conceived "one of a kind" born] son" and unite earth and heaven with the "Emmanuel – God With Us" seed generated by fiat by the Holy Spirit of the Most High, and with the egg generated by Mariam, a new creation that unites the Holy Place (earth-humanity-created) and the Most Holy Place (heaven-divinity-creator).

Second, Muhammad's God, Allah, whom Muslims believe is NOT the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Boaz, David, Solomon with an "only begotten son", IS the God of Abraham and Ishmael, and, even though he created all of the dirt/dust of the entire world and humanity, Allah cannot create a single speck of "dirt" in the form of a single male "Y" sex chromosome seed that is able to unite with the female "X" sex chromosome egg of a human female to produce a child.

The Achilles heel of Muslim theology is now obvious.

The contest is between the ONLY, because ONLY one is needed, "ancient of days" Jewish and Christian God with the ability to create the huge ball of "dust" called earth or the tiny "dust" of a single "seed/sperm" by fiat (from nothing) vs. the Muslim god of the unseen realm who is said by believers to not be able to create a single speck of dirt, sperm/seed, to unite with an ovum/egg and reproduce.

The contest is between the Most High God who can create the "dust" of the huge earth by fiat (from nothing) and the "dust" of a tiny "seed/sperm" by fiat (from nothing) vs. a god like Allah, or any god, who is said to be able to create the entire "dust" of the huge earth but can NOT create the single "dust" of a single, tiny, already living "seed/sperm" to unite with the "dust" of a single, tiny, already living "ovum/egg" while the "egg" is "in womb". United "in womb" means that the seed does not swim toward the egg to fertilize the egg, but the seed is generated by fiat inside the egg while the egg is still in the uterine (fallopian) tube.

A bit of humor involves a creation "contest" between the ONLY creator God and “the satan” (satan means "adversary", it is not a personal name) who is a "god" who can't create a big ball of "dust" or a single speck of sperm "dust".

Yahawah God (יהוה אלוהם / yhwh elohim) and the satan were debating about the previous creation of everything visible and not visible and a possible future creation.

The satan was challenging the sovereignty of Yahawah as the ONLY creator and said that he, the satan, could create something new that had never existed before.

Yahawah took up the adversary's challenge and said that since he had already created the "dust" of the entire earth and formed Adam (the first human being, from the "dust" of the earth, and into whom he breathed the breath of life, causing Adam to became a living soul) the satan could go first and create something that had never existed before, then he, Yahawah, would create something that had never existed before.

With that understanding that he should go first, the adversary bent over and picked up a handful of "dust", but, before he could do anything with the "dust", Yahawah said to the satan, "No, no, no, that's MY "dust", you must create your own "dust" that never existed before”.

Since this is presented here as humor, the satan, possibly, who knows, could be implying hybridization and creating a new species, a new "kind" of human similar to what Genesis 6:4 is said to reveal about the ancient Mesopotamian creation myths of +/- 4,000 BCE in conjunction with the so-called ability of the spirits of the unseen realm, the "sons of God", the fallen angels, the "watchers", who are supposed to have the "ability" to "assume" human form with physical, material DNA "stuff" and with the physical ability to "enter" female humans and unite (implant) the male sperm DNA contained inside the "male" "Y" sex cell chromosome that the spirits "created" by "fiat" (???) with the female ovum DNA "stuff" contained inside the "X" sex cell chromosome. And, here a miracle happens, the "union" of the "human" "male" sperm can, by fiat (???) "fertilize" the female human egg and the female human would "conceive" a spirit/human child, who, when the spirit/human child matured and then died, the "spirit" of the spirit/human would continue to live and this would be the source of the "demons" of history, and, coincediently, this would be the source of the myth that the spirits of real humans who had real DNA "stuff" while alive continue to live after death even though while dead they are without living human DNA nucleotide ACTG "stuff".

A Seed Son vs. No-Seed Son

The Most High Yahawah, who not only produced 100% of the "dust" of the entire earth AND 100% of the "dust" of the single, unique, one of a kind "ONLY begotten [a unique conceived "one of a kind" born] son" by fiat (from nothing), and Allah, whom the Muslims believe created the "dust" of the entire earth is believed by his adherents to not be able to produce the "dust" of a single Arabic "Seed" – son and so will NOT EVER have children, not even a single "ONLY begotten [Arabic Seed] son".

Genesis not only says that Yahawah IS the God of Abraham AND of the promised "seed" Yahawasha (Mt. 1), Genesis also says that Yahawah IS the God of Abraham AND of Ishmael who is not the promised seed of any god or of anybody. The implication is, if Allah is NOT the Muslim God acknowledged by Abraham, AND Isaac, AND Jacob (Israel), AND Judah, AND Boaz, AND David, AND Solomon – AND the promised "Seed-Son" Yahawasha (Jesus – Mt. 1) – then the Muslim god Allah can NOT also be the Muslim God of Abraham AND Ishmael. The Jews of Genesis 1 in the old covenant (BCE) and the Jews of Matthew 1 in the new covenant (CE) are in lineage agreement while the Jews of Genesis 1 in the old covenant (BCE) and the Muslims in the Qur'an (CE) are NOT in lineage agreement. Muslim theology teaches that Allah cannot have children, so, although Allah may be thought of by Muslims as being the same God acknowledged by Abraham and Isaac (BCE) all the way with lineage to Yahawasha (CE), and Abraham and Ishmael (BCE) all the way without lineage to Muhammad (CE), Muslim theology and theodicy (vindication of God) does not allow for the birth of an "ONLY begotten ["one of a kind" born] son" of any “god” by a union of "seed" (Holy Spirit) and "egg" (human woman) during the reign of that “fox” Herod, as Yahawasha called him. So, Yahawah, the God acknowledged by Abraham is not the same as Allah, the God acknowledged by Muhammad. Yahawah and Allah are not the same "creator" God.

Either John is correct or Muhammad is correct, not both, and not neither. One or the other. What is obvious from the biblical record is that John the disciple, at the request of Yahawasha on the cross, looked after Mariam as his own “mother” until her death, and so he most likely simply reported what he had spoken about with her for years (probably at the dining table and in yearly days of rememberance) about the paternity of her son Yahawasha, the "ONLY begotten ["one of a kind"] son" of Yahawah. What is also obvious from history is that Muhammad was simply stating a personal belief without foundation, a belief that his followers accepted.

At the celestial "all rise" call all dead and alive will rise and will remain silent to acknowledge the Just and Merciful Judge, the Jewish "son of man", the "seed", the Jewish son of God, "Emmanuel – God with us”, our Jewish Blood Brother Yahawasha, the ONLY Jewish son of Yahawah.

Yahawasha is a "Jewish blood brother" by virtue of an indissoluble "union" by body – blood – DNA, a "union" sealed by death, a "union" confirmed by burial for three days, a "union" revealed by resurrection, a "union" affirmed by ascension to the "right hand" of the Father, a "union" that will be better understood when we are changed at the return and appearing of our “Jewish blood brother” Yahawasha, the ONLY Jewish son of the ONLY creator God ,Yahawah, when we will see him as he is because we will be as he is (1 John 3:2).

Yahawasha (יהושע) slave of Allah

(יהושע) ben (יהוה)

Yahawasha (יהושע) ben Yahawah (יהוה)

Yahawasha Son of Yahawah

Yahawasha, which means He Is Savior, is our Jewish blood brother because of his indissoluble blood union with Yahawah's children from the lineage of Adam as the only living "Seed" provided by his Father when the Holy Spirit visited Mariam and she conceived her first child while she was still young, still a virgin, still not married: Luke 1:35 – "the power of the Most High will overshadow you...that holy offspring (holy being, holy thing, holy one) will be called the Son of God". Yahawasha is the ONLY Jewish-Seed-Son-Prophet who came in the name of his Father whose self proclaimed ancient Hebrew name is Yahawah, which means He Is.

He Is Savior is our blood brother as the ONLY begotten son of He Is

Our blood brother Yahawash is the ONLY begotten seed/son of Yahawah

He Exists : He Is : He Will Be is our ONLY Creator

He Is is our ONLY Papa

He Exists As Savior: He Is Savior : He Will Be Savior is our ONLY Savior

He Is Savior is our ONLY "seed-egg union" Jewish Blood Brother